1.) Will the replacement flooring last as long as the original factory flooring?

Yes. The materials that we use are durable and have the same life span as the original factory materials that were used and in many cases it lasts longer.

2.) Should I remove my old carpeting before having the flooring replaced?

No. If replacing the old carpeting with new carpet or vinyl, we will use your old carpet as a template to make sure that the new installation has a factory original look once completed. Removing the current flooring makes it harder to obtain the best finish possible for your flooring replacement.

3.) Do I need to remove all of the cabinets and furniture before having the flooring replaced?

No. While you should remove all of your personal items before bringing your RV to be worked on, we have been replacing RV flooring for many years and are experts at removing exactly what is needed and working around items that may not need to be removed. Therefore there is no need to potentially damage any portion of the RV by removing items on your own prior to us completing the flooring installation.

4) Can my carpet be replaced if I have a slide out and will my slide out have to be removed?

Yes. The carpet can be replaced if you have a slide out. Even though these are more complex installations, we have the experience to remove and replace the flooring on and under slide outs. Our installation methods do not require the slide out to be removed.

5.) How much weight will it add to change from carpet to hardwood?

Changing the flooring from carpet to hardwood will add some weight to the RV. In our years of experience we have not found the added weight to be a problem for RV owners and has not affected the way the RV is towed or operated.